Protect your business' network from attacks and rely on US Signal's consulting services for remediation.

Because many cybercriminals have become more intelligent and possess a new arsenal of tactics, businesses of all shapes and sizes are more vulnerable than ever. Besides being more advanced, these tactics target companies in certain industries with specific types of networks. In addition, many attackers spearhead their onslaughts with viruses that linger and infect backup systems, presenting an entirely new set of challenges for protection.

Although many forms of ransomware have involved phishing attempts in the past, recent efforts are more disguised and much more challenging to identify. Some of these new attacks involve methods like file-less malware, often undetectable with conventional forms of protection.

Types of Server Protection and Other Ransomware Solutions US Signal Offers

The experts at US Signal have years of combined experience helping clients protect their networks from ransomware attacks and remediating them after they occur. Besides offering individual solutions that target ransomware directly, we provide top-class consulting services that offer general insight into your overall information technology (IT) program. We work with businesses of all sizes to deliver server protection and data backup recovery solutions, from small startup operations to large-scale enterprises.

Several examples of the services we offer to address ransomware and other security issues are:

Industries That Benefit From Ransomware Protection Solutions

Attackers use ransomware to target industries with abundant money and data, often preying on companies lacking modern cybersecurity protection. Some companies are significantly more likely to pay ransoms to restore their data than others. Businesses pay attackers for various reasons, including their wealth of sensitive customer data, inability to operate without their network and access to high amounts of money.

Several examples of industries we often work with include:

  • Financial services
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
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Vendor Partnership Opportunities With US Signal

As a leading ransomware protection company, US Signal offers partnership opportunities to companies interested in expanding their information technology (IT) offerings with our services. You can resell our services at your chosen prices, allowing you to control your company's potential profits. Offering our solutions individually or combining them with your existing services can help raise the value your organization provides, expand your market and grow your business.

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Discover More About Ransomware Protection With US Signal Today

US Signal has helped companies meet their organizational network needs and transform their IT operations with top-tier managed services, cloud solutions and data center technologies since 2001. Our ransomware protection solutions are just one example of the industry-leading services and products we offer. Call 866-274-4625 or contact us online with questions or to obtain additional information.