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August 16, 2022
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IT Security Solutions at US Signal: An Overview

In a previous blog, we discussed the security advisory services US Signal offers ─ and the benefits of employing those kinds of services in general. They play a critical role in bolstering organizations’ IT security, particularly for those that don’t have their own Security Operations Center (SOC).

In this blog, we’re focusing on the managed security services US Signal offers. Many are considered IT security must-haves and, ideally, should form the foundation of an organization’s IT security strategy.

The Big Picture Look

US Signal works with industry-leading IT security organizations to offer a full suite of security services built using the latest technologies and security best practices. Unlike off-the-shelf security offerings, US Signal’s security solutions are powered by its wholly owned, secure network and PCI- and HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. Few, if any, organizations offering IT security services can say this.

These security services are further enhanced by US Signal’s experienced security and compliance specialists and the 24/7/365 expert support provided by US Signal’s Technical Operations Center (TOC).

Like US Signal’s security advisory services, managed security services offer benefits such as freeing up internal IT resources for strategic initiatives and other responsibilities, improving the overall security posture, trading capital expenses for operating expenses, predictable costs, and more.

US Signal’s security experts and solution architects can work with you to review your current security practices and then integrate any or all of these services into your existing IT system as needed. If US Signal is developing a new IT solution for your organization, recommendations will be included for incorporating the necessary security services.

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Security Services at a Glance

Because security is such a critical aspect of IT ─ and of the success and continuity of every business, US Signal continually assesses emerging technologies, best practices, and the needs and pain points of our customers in order to add new services as needed. The following are the security services currently available.

  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

US Signal’s next-generation MDR service proactively prevents and resolves security issues across laptops, desktops, and servers. Incorporating continuous monitoring and leading-edge technologies, it provides maximum protection against ever-changing and increasingly complex threats.

Drawing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced endpoint threat detection and response tools and technologies, the service identifies and automatically addresses suspicious activities ─ including ransomware.

MDR is available as a managed service to provide the most advanced and secure endpoint security services, in which US Signal's Security Operations Center (SOC) team handles all security alerts and responses. Pricing includes a one-time setup fee and a monthly charge per endpoint.

  • Managed XDR

XDR extends protection beyond your endpoints. US Signal’s security experts monitor, detect and respond to security issues across your extended environment with Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Leveraging a third-party software platform, the US Signal Security Operations Center (SOC) team monitors, collects, and correlates data from servers, network devices, cloud services, and more to identify security threats and their origination.

The SOC team also receives and responds to all security alerts, freeing up your internal resources and enabling you to take advantage of the team’s in-depth security expertise.

  • Managed Firewall

With US Signal’s Managed Firewall, you get consistent protection for your entire network, from your main facilities to your mobile and remote workforce.

Managed Firewall is a managed security solution built on a cloud-based firewall platform developed by one of the industry’s leading cybersecurity companies. It delivers all the protections afforded by the latest security technologies. Because it’s fully managed, you benefit from the expertise and support of US Signal’s security experts and 24/7/365 Technical Operations Center — as well as freed-up internal resources.

    • SOC Analysis

    Available as an add-on to US Signal’s VMaS, the SOC Analysis service provides you with a detailed assessment of the information generated by the vulnerability scans. This enables you to better understand the issues and their potential impact.

    The service also includes recommendations for remediating, mitigating, and eliminating security vulnerabilities. Drawing on IT security best practices and their own expertise, US Signal’s SOC team will analyze the vulnerability scan results and deliver a list of actions prioritized to help you address the most serious issues while making optimal use of your resources. Additional consulting services are also available.

    • Advanced Email Security

    US Signal’s Advanced Email Security, powered by Perception Point and Acronis, is a comprehensive solution that integrates cutting-edge threat prevention with the speed, scale, and flexibility of the cloud. Multiple scanning engines and in-depth threat intelligence protects against attacks like phishing, spam, commodity malware, and BEC.

    Hardware visibility, combined with software agility, enables it to see what other security solutions miss. Propriety software algorithms examine code at the CPU-level, intercepting attacks at the earliest stage possible before malware is even delivered. That all enables US Signal’s Advanced Email Security to provide Zero Day, N-day, and everyday threat coverage — protecting your business against the full range of potential attacks.

    • Website and Application Security (WaAS)

    US Signal’s WaAS strengthens your defenses, protecting against a wide range of internet-based threats, including volumetric, distributed, and multi-vector DDoS attacks, SQL Injection attacks, and content scraping.

    Scalable, cloud-based, and provided as a managed service, WAS is available for websites and applications hosted on-premise, in colocation, and on cloud-hosted servers. You get unmetered filtering of malicious or unwanted traffic backed by a 100% uptime SLA.

    • Patch Management

    US Signal’s patch management service ensures timely patch management that fits your needs. Both manual and automated installation are available based on policies defined and created between you and the US Signal Professional Services team during the onboarding process.

    Patch management is offered for Windows OS and a wide variety of third-party applications from companies such as Adobe, Apple, Google, Mozilla, Opera, Skype, and Sun. Patch management can also be combined with other services, such as managed detection and response (MDR), to provide a comprehensive, proactive approach to IT security.

    Build Up Your Defenses

    US Signal’s security experts and solution architects are happy to meet with you to discuss your security needs, as well as any other IT solutions you may need ─ from disaster recovery, colocation, and cloud services to the most complex, customized, multi-component IT solution. To learn more, contact us.

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