For all the benefits the cloud offers, it’s not always easy to get there. You can go with the shift-and-lift approach. However, replicating applications in the cloud without redesigning them leaves you subject to performance issues and more. Add in staff shortages, demands on your IT infrastructure, technical incompatibilities, and the potential for data loss. It can make the cloud migration process challenging. But if you're moving to the US Signal cloud, things don't have to be difficult. US Signal's professional services team is experienced in executing successful cloud migrations, and can help make your move pain-free.

With US Signal's Cloud Migration Services, You Get:

  • A full range of services, from initial project planning to post-migration testing.
  • A cutover strategy to minimize downtime and a post-migration plan that covers troubleshooting and KPI measurements.
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing of "lessons learned" to ensure success.
  • Frequent communication to keep things on track, identify scope creep, and adjust on the fly.
  • The power of US Signal's wholly owned, robust, network to ensure data transfer to your US Signal cloud environment is fast and secure.
  • Highly trained engineers with extensive technical expertise and project management skills.
  • US Signal's method of procedures (MOPs) to define roles, responsibilities, and other details.
  • Features to ensure the security of sensitive business information while in transit.

Smooth Moves for Cloud Migration

US Signal’s professional services team can migrate your workloads from virtually any source to your US Signal cloud service. Utilizing established tools, technologies, frequent communication, and methods of procedures (MOPs), they can simplify the process, and minimize business disruption.

Depending on your specific needs, the US Signal team can also take on some or all of the data migration process, including assessing application cloud-readiness, determining and executing the appropriate migration methodology, and creating a post-migration plan. They've successfully handled numerous cloud migrations for other clients and will make sure yours goes smoothly as well.

Get Started

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