Managed Security

Managed Security

The threat landscape is growing at an astonishing speed, and security risks are constantly changing. Social media, big data, and mobility are exacerbating the situation. US Signal’s cloud-based security options take on the challenges, providing comprehensive protection that is always on guard and always up-to-date. Combined with the inherent security of US Signal’s wholly-owned network and its PCI- and HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, US Signal’s managed security services can help minimize threats, risks, and potential damage — all while meeting the unique demands of your business.

Choose from:

Cloud-Based Advanced Security

US Signal cloud-based advanced security offers adds the needed layer of security to protect against undesired content and malicious traffic. 

  • Continuous, automatic anti-malware security updates keep rules up to date with the most robust security protocols. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with US Signal network, cloud, and data protection services.
  • Save bandwidth and increase performance when the solution works as a proxy caching server.
  • Prevent the download of known malware via unencrypted email or the Internet.
  • Increase security by using the service as a web proxy to filter unwanted content from the Internet, enable strict rules-based access control, integrate with Active Directory, empower intrusion detection and prevention and much more.

Cloud-Based Advanced Security Plus

Get all the advantages of cloud-based advanced security plus even more features and supporting certification to attain the highest security assurance.

  • Application-based content filtering
  • Network Policy Manager for centralized policy management
  • Identity awareness with user-based correlation logging with Active Directory integration
  • ICSA certified

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