Leverage the benefits of a multi-tenant cloud service that meets your need for security, flexibility, choice and more.

Managed cloud services from US Signal offer complete or partial management of your cloud platform, including migration, optimization, and maintenance. Our Multi-Tenant Cloud ensures your company's cloud environment operates securely and efficiently, minimizing the responsibilities of your internal information technology (IT) staff. We build our resource pools on infrastructure that complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and payment card industry (PCI) regulations, including secure firewalls that restrict access to data.

US Signal's Multi-Tenant Cloud is among the industry's most flexible cloud resources. Choose the storage, memory, and computing resources that best suit your needs. You'll benefit from these solutions without an upfront infrastructure investment or ongoing management requirements, paying only for what you'll use. Our VMware®-certified professionals can work with you to help identify your system requirements and establish best practices to maximize your operation.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Platforms From US Signal

Multi-Tenant Cloud services are customer-managed data centers that allow you to create and manage virtual machines within our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. These machines reside on solid-state disks or high-performance storage arrays with a service level objective of fewer than 8 milliseconds of latency. Our cloud director management portal lets you control your servers from any location with internet connectivity.

Several primary features of our managed cloud hosting services include:

  • Choose your compute resources for your Multi Tenant Cloud services to meet your cloud computing needs.
  • Connecting to workloads through our multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), virtual Ethernet service (VES) or virtual private network (VPN) tunnel.
  • Managing your workloads securely from a publicly accessible cloud director portal.
  • Maintaining security and management in your cloud environment with policy-based controls.
  • Configuring virtual machine reservations, shares and limits.


Reduce CapEx and OpEx

Reduce CapEx and OpEx

No large upfront infrastructure investment or ongoing management requirements. Simply purchase the resources you need.

Tailor Resource Usage

Tailor Resource Usage

Assign available resources to the workloads that need them. Add additional resources as the needs of your environment grow.

Leverage Cloud Expertise

Leverage Cloud Expertise

VMware-certified professionals can spec your requirements and share best practices for resource utilization.


  • Securely manage workloads in your Multi-Tenant Cloud from a publicly accessible VMware vCloud Director management portal.
  • Consolidate data centers and deploy workloads on a shared infrastructure.
  • Maintain security and control over your environment with policy-based user controls.
  • Increase productivity by empowering users to deploy instantly from their pool of assigned resources.
  • Enable quick turn-up times for testing, product rollout and project-based initiatives.
  • Access state-of-the-art hardware without the large upfront investment or ongoing management requirements.
  • Execute upgrades quickly with accelerated provisioning intervals.
  • Purchase monthly subscriptions to Microsoft software products through US Signal or bring your own eligible license with License Mobility and active Software Assurance.
  • Optional Cloud Load Balancer option to balance data traffic and/or enhance resiliency within the same data center or across markets.

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