Cloud-to-Data Center Connection

Cloud-to-Data Center Connection

For fast, secure, dedicated access between your IT assets and US Signal public cloud resources, go with a Cloud-to-Data Center (CDC) connection. CDC connections are available to customers with collocated IT assets housed in the same US Signal data center as their US Signal public cloud service.

The service employs a redundant topology that allows links that are physically connected to two different edge switches to appear as a single connection to your equipment. Your gear can be a switch, server, or any other networking device that accepts 2 x 1Gbps or 2 x 10Gbps optical connections. The CDC connection provides optic and switch redundancy while stretching your Layer 2 network from your collocated gear and virtualized resources with US Signal.


  • Eliminates Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) blocked ports
  • Provides a loop-free topology
  • Provides fast convergence if either the link or a device fails
  • Provides link-level resiliency
  • Helps ensure high availability
  • Allows a single device to use a PortChannel across two upstream devices
  • Uses all available uplink bandwidth

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