Disaster Recovery Site Solutions

Disaster Recovery Site Solutions

If cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) or other DR solutions aren’t right for your organization, colocation may be and US Signal can help. Use any of our strategically located, geographically diverse data centers to house your DR site and help ensure your critical IT assets are always up and accessible.

Choose from Midwest-based facilities that are at least 200 miles apart and on separate power grids to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. All are in areas protected from severe weather-related events, but are easily accessible from main transportation routes. See Data Center Locations for more facility details.

Choose from these options to build your DR strategy:

  • Cold site. If you can tolerate a lengthy recovery period and need the least expensive DR option, use a US Signal data center to set up a cold site. A cold site includes only the basic infrastructure needed to run a data center, such as network connectivity and power. If a disaster occurs, you’re responsible for procuring, delivering, and configuring the equipment needed to restore service. 
  • Warm site. For a DR option with a quicker recovery time than a cold site offers, use a US Signal data center to set up a warm site. It provides the same infrastructure as a cold site, but has hardware and connectivity built in. Some lead time will be required to bring servers online, establish network connectivity, and transfer data to the warm site.
  • Hot site. When you have mission-critical data and need the shortest recovery time, use a US Signal data center as a hot site. A duplicate of your data center, it can typically be up and running within minutes to hours with minimal downtime or impact on operations. 
  • Active/Active. Use US Signal data centers in an active-active configuration to create a continuously available DR solution. Network technology is stretched between two sites. Storage is virtualized across those sites, creating a data presence mirrored between them that allows concurrent write-access in both. Data is synchronized in real time, and applications can operate in both locations.


  • Variety of power options.
  • Efficient cooling solutions to ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels.
  • Redundant critical components redundant to help ensure 100% uptime.
  • Multiple physical and operational security features and protocols.
  • All facilities audited for compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, PCI DSS, SOC 1, TYPE 2, and SOC2, Type1​.
  • Managed IT services and professional services available.

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