Beers with Engineers - You Told US: Top Security Initiatives of 2022

When: February 22, 2022 3:30PM ET – 5:00PM ET
Location: Virtual
US Signal Hosted Events Beers with Engineers Webinar

With new security threats and attacker techniques daily, organizations need IT security professionals and forward-thinking measures in place now more than ever before. Building on US Signal’s 2022 Security Census, we asked the IT and Security experts at US Signal and Veeam to discuss how they deal with the evolving information security landscape, their top security initiatives for 2022, and the common challenges customers are facing and how to overcome them.

Our panel will discuss:

+ The future of IT security: 2022 and beyond

+ Learning from the past: challenges, successes, and lessons learned

+ Defining and growing your security footprint

+ Proactive Cybersecurity measures and establishing resilience in IT Operations

+ more!