Justify Your Cloud Security Investment Webinar

When: August 9, 2022 – June 13, 2024
Location: Virtual
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Justify Your Cloud Security Investment Webianr
Brought to you by Palo Alto Networks

Join this webinar to discover how deploying virtual firewalls could get you a significant 115% ROI. With research supported by a Forrester TEI study of virtual firewalls user gains, benefits, risk aversion, and payback over three years. You will also learn how US Signal, a leading provider of data center and cloud services, has rapidly deployed virtual firewalls for its 400+ cloud customers and streamlined its own security oversight.

In this webinar, you will discover:
• Strategies to protect yourself and your customers using firewalls as part of your cloud security.
• How protecting your cloud is a way to invest in your organization’s overall Zero Trust efficiency and security going forward.
• The top business drivers to look for in a firewall that you are considering investing in.

Featured Speakers:
Navneet Singh, Vice President, Palo Alto Networks
Nick Defoe, Director of Information Security, US Signal
Sam Conway, Senior Consultant, Forrester

Moderated By:
Michael Krieger, InformationWeek

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