Building a Holistic Vulnerability Management Program

February 20, 2019
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What is a vulnerability management program and why do you need it? US Signal's information security team will help you understand how a strong Vulnerability Management practice helps your company defend against the exploitation of vulnerabilities in applications, software and networks. Trevor Bidle, Information Security & Compliance Officer, and Jorel Van Os, Information Security Analyst, will take you through the key steps to building a vulnerability management program, vulnerability scanning, PCI segment segregation scanning, tools to use and what to do with the results.

About the Speakers

Trevor Bidle
VP | Information Security & Compliance Officer at US Signal

As Information Security and Compliance Office, Trevor Bidle is responsible for the Physical, Logical, and Cybersecurity of US Signal. Bidle leads US Signal’s Security Operations Center, Compliance Program, and Internal Audit functions. Before joining US Signal in 2003, Trevor held technical and management positions with SBC Communications, Choice One Communications, and US Xchange, LLC. Bidle has over 24 years of experience leading Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, and Networking teams.

Jorel Van Os
Information Security Analyst at US Signal

Jorel Van Os is an Information Security Analyst at US Signal. Starting in the Network Operations Center as a technician 9 years ago, Jorel has since been promoted and then transitioned onto the InfoSec team, protecting the company and its customers. Since graduating from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Jorel now has 15+ years of IT experience and 12 of those being in telecom. Additionally, Jorel is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).