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December 1, 2023
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Beyond the RFP: Why Customized Solutions are Better Solutions

In the IT services business, it’s not unusual for companies like US Signal to receive requests for proposals (RFPs) in which prospects specify the solution they need — or think they need. It’s also not unusual to respond with the specific solution requested and its estimated costs. US Signal does that a lot. What’s different about US Signal, however, is what comes next.

We take every opportunity to learn more about a company’s business goals, technical challenges and its short- and long-term needs. In many cases, we discover there’s a better solution than what has been requested. We don’t aggressively push the alternate solution, but we will propose it — and explain why it is the better option.

In many situations, a prospect’s IT needs can’t be met by a standard, off-the-shelf solution. That’s not a problem for US Signal. Almost everything we do is customized to our customers’ needs.

So, when a prospect wanted a proposal for a very specific and unique solution, US Signal provided what was requested — and much more. That’s why that prospect is now a satisfied US Signal customer and has since procured additional resources from US Signal.

To learn the details, read the following customer story. According to the customer, US Signal exceeded its expectations by being far more technically advanced in its approach than the other RFP respondents.


Executive Summary

Customer: Confidential

Industry: Multi-business enterprise

Location: Over 30 offices and warehouses

Business Challenge:

  • Develop and implement a DR solution that offers geographic diversity, fits within tight budget parameters and meets specific RPOs/RTOs
  • Incorporate existing hardware into the DR solution
  • Free up internal IT staff from on-site data center and DR management

US Signal Solution:

  • Public Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service with continuous data protection
  • Colocation with intra-data center connectivity
  • MPLS connection and burstable Internet port
  • Third-party equipment hosting

Business Results:

  • Comprehensive solution that provides for full replication of the client’s production environment and that meets tight RPOs/RTOs
  • On-going savings resulting from not having to manage on-site data centers or DR solution