Approaches to DDoS Mitigation: How to Choose Between Network-based, Cloud-based and Hybrid Solutions

November 15, 2018
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webinar presenter, David McClure

The size and frequency of DDoS attacks has generated numerous solutions for mitigating their effects ─ but how do you determine which type is best suited to your company’s needs?

“Approaches to DDoS Mitigation: How to Choose Between Network-based, Cloud-based and Hybrid Solutions,” discusses some of the primary considerations that can help guide your choice.

In this webinar, US Signal’s product development manager David McClure will:

  • Discuss the primary types of DDoS solutions, including their pros and cons
  • Walk through the decision-making process for choosing a solution, including feature prioritization, risk assessment, and determining budgets
  • Talk about managed and unmanaged DDoS protection
  • Provide an overview of US Signal’s cloud-based DDoS solution, along with a case study to demonstrate its real-world benefits

The webinar will also includes the question and answer session.

About the Presenter

David McClure, Product Development Manager

David McClure is the Product Development Manager for US Signal’s DDoS Protection service. With a passion for helping people solve problems, his focus is on leveraging technology to help ensure mission-critical websites, applications, and APIs are secure and available. Prior to working at US Signal, he served in multiple marketing and technical roles where he helped design, launch, and refine products in the software, eLearning, digital marketing, and green industries. Most recently, he served as a Solutions Engineer and Publisher Operations Specialist where he worked with some of the world’s top web publishers.

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