Metro Health Relies on US Signal for HIPAA Compliant Colocation Services

June 2, 2015
US Signal | Customer Stories

Metro Health once had two data centers, one on-premise and another with an ending lease. To maintain their strategy of active-active data centers, Metro Health now utilizes one of US Signal's Michigan data centers.

"This isn't just a backup data center," says Aivars Apsite, "this is our active data center... This means that at any point in time, we can failover from one data center to the other one, actively, without our users really noticing."

"That's the strategy US Signal offers. It's seamless. It's very fast. It's very reliable. And it meets our needs." - Aivars Apsite, Technology Strategist at Metro Health

As a hospital that serves over 130,000 patients in the Grand Rapids area, Metro Health needs a partner that is HIPAA compliant. Metro Health's CIO, Bill Lewkowski, can rely on US Signal for its technologies, experience, and capabilities in the Healthcare IT vertical.'

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