Morrison Industrial Equipment Migrates to the Cloud Case Study

November 12, 2023
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Morrison Industrial's business challenges included moving to a cloud environment but to be still connected to physical servers, needing a DR plan for their high risk of flooding, free up internal IT staff from on-site data center and DR management, and to connect headquarters and 20 locations via MPLS. See how US Signal successfully migrated them to the cloud and provided solutions to resolve the rest.

Executive Summary

Customer: Morrison Industrial Equipment

Location: 20 locations throughout Michigan and Indiana with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Industry: Industrial Equipment

US Signal Services

  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service with continuous data protection
  • US Signal-owned and Maintained IBM P Series Server
  • Cloud Migration


  • Approximately $5,000 savings per month in labor and power costs
  • On-going savings resulting from not having to manage on-site data centers or DR solution