Remedy Live Case Study

March 5, 2017
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Business Challenge

As a web based non-profit organization that broadcasts video, audio and streams on-demand content, RemedyLIVE needed a bandwidth solution that allowed teens and parents to be able to access their online web resources that are always available. For the past 5 years, RemedyLIVE had been searching to find a robust high-speed Internet solution that would provide peace of mind when it came to their broadcast and storage requirements. The Fort Wayne, Indiana based group helps students with highly sensitive issues such as suicide, abuse, and addiction, and they require their online services to be available 24/7/365 so that when teens need help, they are accessible.

In the past, RemedyLIVE used an Internet connection from a local cable company. Bandwidth constraints made it so they were only able to house critical items in their on-demand library and their content could not be broadcast in HD. Their peak broadcast time was during the after-school hours, which caused some oversubscription issues due to the oversaturation of the cable company’s network from teens jumping online. There were sporadic outages and bandwidth issues that caused members of the teen audience to give up on seeking help from RemedyLIVE.

Network Solution

US Signal is the premier telecommunications infrastructure provider of Network Services, Cloud Hosting, IP Transport, and Colocation Facilities in the Midwest and their fiber optic network is one of the Midwest’s largest fully deployed networks. With nearly 14,000 miles of long-haul and metro rings in 23 strategic tier-one, tier-two,and tier-three markets, the US Signal optical backbone features SONET and Cisco Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, and is designed with completely redundant architecture in both its Cloud Hosting and Network Services.

US Signal saw the opportunity to build fiber directly into RemedyLIVE due to an easily accessible fiber splice point across the street from their office. This provided a direct 100Mb connection. The solution is also set for the future, as it is expandable up to 1Gig, should RemedyLIVE’s bandwidth needs increase.

US Signal Cloud Storage provides unmetered bandwidth in and out of a customer’s virtual data center so there is no added expense for bandwidth consumption. Combining this with US Signal’s optical network was a logical decision, as it allowed for high-speed transfers over 10GB optical waves, high availability, and seamless integration with the 100Mb Dedicated Internet connection.

Business Results

With the installation of a 100Mb fiber connection from US Signal, RemedyLive has found a partner that can provide reliable web delivery across high-speed fiber. Because of this new high-speed architecture, RemedyLIVE is now able to stream their entire catalog in HD with 100% confidence via US Signal Cloud Storage and Direct Internet Access. They have also been able to expand their on-demand library to include all past shows and historical resources. This new connection allows them to transfer files to teens and parents who are looking for on-demand content that will help them with suicide, abuse, and addiction issues in their lives.

Since the installation of the high-speed fiber from US Signal, RemedyLIVE has not experienced any down time or bandwidth problems. This new solution has empowered them to build on US Signal’s support structure and provide even more critical resources via streaming video and content storage solutions for families in need, allowing them to expand how they serve the community.

About RemedyLIVE

In October of 2007, Remedy went live with a mission to use relevant, positive music as a vehicle to start chat conversations with teens so they could talk about what’s REALLY going on. Their purpose was simple: develop relationships with teens online so they could hear what they’re going through. When Remedy began in 2007 as an internet radio station, they broke new ground as a website that played music while chatting with teens about life issues they were struggling with.

In September of 2011, became RemedyLIVE, an IPTV station (internet television station) that still plays great, positive music, while adding different video based shows that help encourage chat conversation about how to live one’s life on purpose and not by accident.

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