Tips and Tactics for Cloud-Native Security

September 6, 2022
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Tips and Tactics for Cloud-Native Security

All cloud environments and applications require security. However, standard cloud security strategies ─ such as setting up cloud firewalls and defining security groups ─ are no longer sufficient as companies increasingly embrace distributed, microservices-based, cloud-native app development.

Cloud-native apps are primarily built with open-source components. Frequent code updates continually flow through automated CI/CD pipelines. Ephemeral workloads are dynamically orchestrated with Kubernetes and deployed across multiple diverse environments. As such, the attack surface is expanded and components are constantly changing.

The solution for ensuring security: in addition to traditional cloud security approaches, embed security early on in the development cycle and continuously and seamlessly bake it in across every stage of the application lifecycle.

Unfortunately, there’s no single “to-do” list for ensuring cloud-native security. Every situation is unique. However, the information that follows can help in providing greater security for cloud-native workloads.

Cloud Native Security Checklist

Cloud-Native Security with US Signal

If going cloud-native is in your organization’s future, US Signal can help address your cloud-native security needs.

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