Value of Investment - Balancing Data Corruption, Disaster Recovery, and Cost

July 27, 2018
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Webinar with General Grant

For decades, enterprises have worked to get their Recovery Point from days, to hours, to seconds. Today, ransomware and data corruption are challenging and forcing enterprises to develop new but often counter-intuitive approaches to business continuity. This webinar provides strategies for balancing these conflicts while still allowing for sub-second disaster recovery RPO.

About the Speaker

General Grant, Executive Consultant at US Signal

General Grant, an Executive Consultant for US Signal, specializes in multi speed IT models brought about by disruptive change. General’s work centers primarily on strategies that enable cloud ramp and cloud adoption.

As a leading practitioner for IT operating model transformation, he is responsible for consulting to US Signal’s large and strategic account relationships, bringing experience to bear on client transformation programs in areas such as roadmap development, initiative sequencing, capabilities alignment, value stream mapping, compliance and risk, people and culture and multi-source models.

General has been an entrepreneur, technology practitioner and consultant for more than 25 years and has led technology and change programs in banking, insurance, healthcare, sports, casino, and manufacturing industries in North America and Europe.

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