Secure your websites and applications, wherever they are, with unmetered DDoS attack mitigation.

US Signal’s Website and Application Security bolsters your defenses, protecting against DNS-based volumetric and multi-vector attacks. Scalable, cloud-based and provided as a managed service, DDoS Protection is available for websites and applications hosted on-premise, colocated, and cloud-hosted servers. You get unmetered DDoS attack mitigation backed by a 100% uptime SLA. 

The solution also includes advanced analytics reporting on data utilization and more. Choose from two service tiers: Standard and Premium. Both include:

  • Multi-layer DDoS mitigation
  • A continuously updated, preconfigured firewall that filters known malicious traffic sources
  • A web application firewall (WAF) for advanced website and application filtering protection
  • Simplified SSL managementAdvanced analytics reporting

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  • Advanced Protection

    Advanced Protection

    Web application firewalls and always-on multi-vector attack protection.

    Individualized Customization

    Individualized Customization

    Work with US Signal Security Operations to determine web application firewall rules and advanced cache configurations.



    Take advantage of flat-rate pricing with unmetered DDoS mitigation.


    • Blocks and filters out threats before they reach origin servers and internal networks, resulting in less logs to filter through and less time analysts have to spend combing through potential threats.
    • Customers who host their websites and applications within the US Signal Cloud get the added benefit of multiple direct peering locations between our fiber network and the Cloudflare® network.
    • Enterprise-level, managed protection for less than customer-managed solution
    • Among the fastest managed DNS available
    • Extra tools for optimizing website performance, especially mobile traffic
    • PCI DSS 3.2/HIPAA compliant and GDPR friendly
    • Ongoing 24/7/365 support from the US Signal Technical Operations Center (TOC)

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