Official Opening of US Signal’s New Greater Detroit Data Center

February 18, 2020
US Signal

US Signal Confirms March 1, 2020 as Official Opening Date for New Greater Detroit Data Center

Demand for new facility driven by strong Michigan business growth and the need for trusted colocation services.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 18, 2020US Signal, a leading data center services provider, today announced that its new Greater Detroit data center in Van Buren Township, Michigan will officially open on March 1, 2020. US Signal has built the new data center to Tier 3 standards, based on unprecedented growth within the data center services market and following a series of significant client wins.

The new facility will enable US Signal to keep pace with the large-scale adoption of cloud-first, hybrid, and off-premises data center strategies—all of which require colocation space. These strategies are critical to the survival of today’s organizations— a fact born out of US Signal’s most recent IT Resiliency Survey.

The survey highlights that less than a quarter of IT professionals have preparations in place to deal with a disruptive event such as a malware attack or loss of power. By contrast, US Signal’s newest data center—as well as the seven existing facilities—offers organizations several options for ensuring reliability and recoverability of systems for when disaster strikes. Redundancy is in place across all critical components of the data center, including rigid physical and biometric security that prevents unauthorized access. The new facility also has tested storm and emergency preparedness plans in place as well as multi-faceted recovery strategies to help minimize service disruptions and ensure continued operation.

The new facility will feature US Signal’s state-of-the-art Cloud Pod, which will enable private and multi-tenant cloud hosting, based on the VMware virtualization stack. Deploying this leading architecture and infrastructure within a data center adjacent to customer colocated hardware assets, allows them to get private Layer 2 connections to US Signal Cloud resources, or direct connection to hyper scale providers. It also enables organizations to leverage extensive geo-diverse data protection solutions. US Signal Cloud Pods will be rolled out across additional data centers during 2020, starting with its Indianapolis, Indiana, and Oak Brook, Illinois sites.

“US Signal has experienced an incredible increase in demand for off-premises services and hybrid cloud solutions—both in Michigan and across the region,” said Dave Wisz, executive vice president of Operations at US Signal. “This validates our decision to strengthen our local capabilities with edge data center locations as neighboring businesses continue to thrive and seek off-premises solutions and regional IT resources. It also speaks of our determination to remain the local data center services provider of choice in Michigan. But this data center will also play a key role in supporting our nationwide clients with even greater geographic diversity and colocation choices. In the end, everyone will benefit.”

The increased need for these services and solutions was validated in our '2020 State of Data Center Offerings’ survey', released this month. The study, which consisted of data derived from 110 U.S.-based IT decision-makers, revealed that security and compliance, backup and disaster recovery, and network availability are the top factors for the majority of surveyed companies when choosing a third-party edge data center provider. Cost is also a key consideration, and 91 percent of respondents are likely to select a data center provider located close to their users.