Peace of Mind at US Signal

April 16, 2024

As seen in Forbes April 2024.

Ever-changing technology needs can be a source of frustration for growing businesses. Enter US Signal CEO Dan Watts and his team, who offer industry-leading solutions backed by decades of experience.

“We understand customers’ needs in the tech space and fashion our solutions to fit their needs,” says Watts. Since 2001, US Signal has been helping customers in Michigan and surrounding states simplify, secure, and manage IT environments, digital infrastructure, and connectivity so they can concentrate on their core competencies instead.

By offering customers access to one of the largest data center and fiber networks in the Midwest, the biggest difference between US Signal and competitors is the way they partner with their customers. Today, that means offering customers access to industry-leading data center solutions, cloud services and managed services nationwide. This suite of products and services is designed to mitigate risk and help customers manage change all while reducing the customer’s total cost of ownership. The company’s portfolio is scalable across industries and was designed to reduce the burden on customers through single source procurement.

"Instead of having to farm out procurement for your technology needs to multiple disparate companies, we can do it all in one place. Our products are made to scale for the future." - Dan Watts, CEO

As Seen in Forbes

Your Data, Secured

US Signal helps customers manage their cloud environment in a variety of locations: “Your data center, ours, or a hybrid deployment of both,” says Watts. It’s yet another way the team ensures customers have a secure, fast, and reliable connection to the resources that run their businesses.

In addition to cloud and connectivity, US Signal offers strong security solutions. Without a plan to secure data in the event of a cyber- or ransomware attack, all the planning around connectivity and application availability is irrelevant, notes Watts. “Cybersecurity systems are the fabric that ties our data centers and connectivity together,” he says. “In today’s world, with so many cyber threats, they are of paramount importance.”

With this in mind, US Signal has a strong security portfolio and discovery mitigation system already in place. Whether they’re from banking, health care, manufacturing, or other industries, customers experiencing a cyber event have a defensive plan in place and in a worst-case scenario are back up and running in hours, rather than months.

“The fact that some of the region’s largest health care providers also trust US Signal with their connectivity and data center needs demonstrates our capability to service everything from the most demanding, life-and-death situations to local neighborhood businesses,” says Watts.

Serving a variety of industries and staying on the cutting edge of tech are crucial to US Signal’s success, but nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. The company, which was purchased by a long-hold private equity group in early 2023, prides itself on partnering with clients for the long haul. “Every call here gets answered by a person in the United States, in less than 30 seconds,” says Watts. “Our North Star will always be our customers and making sure we delight them at every exchange.”

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