Beers with Engineers: Creating a Winning Data Management Program - Madison

When: October 22, 2019 3:00PM ET – 5:30PM ET
Location: Brewery TBD
US Signal Hosted Events Beers with Engineers Meetup

Managing and protecting the ever growing mountain of data inside most organizations seem like an impossible battle. The increase in data represents significant capital outlays and immense risk as IT staff are tasked with keeping it backed up and protected in the event a disaster arises and for compliance reasons. Learn how to create a successful data management program as we discuss:

  1. Common company data retention policies
  2. Distinguishing how to classify what data needs to be kept?
  3. Cloud-based object storage as a supplemental on-premises storage option
  4. Common data recovery requirements
  5. Can backups be surrendered to the legal team, with proper chain of command, if stored in the cloud?
  6. How can storage tiers help with data management needs?

*Snacks and beverages will be provided

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