Adapt to and embrace the shift to “do most anything from anywhere” with enterprise-class IT solutions that enable home-based and off-site work, learning, entertainment, recreation and more.

US Signal offers fully customizable desktops created on a high-performance virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform. These desktops allow you to develop a solution that supports all your requirements, from seasonal workers and remote workforces to online learning and virtual support teams. Users can benefit from an online experience that lets them quickly access resources, applications and data anywhere or at any time.

VDI Hosting Benefits

US Signal offers hosted VDI as an industry-best virtual desktop solution, allowing you to utilize the VMware® Horizon platform in our hosted private cloud to deploy customized, highly secure virtual desktops and apps. Our hosted VDI solution enables you to control all aspects of Horizon while we handle all the underlying infrastructure.

Primary benefits include:

  • Cost savings: By eliminating the need to invest in infrastructure, migrate data and perform maintenance, you save significant money and increase your bottom line.
  • Easy and efficient access: Hosted VDI allows you to deliver virtual desktops directly to any mobile device or personal computer, eliminating the need to set up dedicated infrastructure. Users can access your virtual applications in minutes upon deployment.
  • Increased security: Built-in security and advanced data protection offer the industry's best defense for sensitive information. User data remains secure in the cloud regardless of which device they use to access the desktop, while 24/7 monitoring and technical support ensure smooth, continuous operation.
  • Flexible licensing: Organizations can use existing VMware licensing or purchase one of several options from US Signal.


Fast and Efficient

Fast and Efficient

Deliver applications to your end users in minutes and reduce IT resource usage and time with fast deployment of software and upgrades.

Greater Security and Availability

Greater Security and Availability

Keep data and applications safe in the cloud. Even if a physical device used to access desktops and apps is lost or stolen, the data remains secure.

Reduced Costs and Resources

Reduced Costs and Resources

Lower costs with no underlying infrastructure to invest in, and no need for a dedicated IT team to handle infrastructure setup, migration, and maintenance.

Hosted VDI

Hosted VDI enables you to use US Signal’s Hosted Private Cloud to house the VMware Horizon platform and efficiently deploy and scale highly secure, customized virtual desktops and apps. You control all aspects of Horizon; US Signal handles the underlying infrastructure. Leverage a diverse US Signal data center to create resiliency in your applications if desired.

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