Virtual Beers with Engineers - SD-WAN, The Cloud and Your Network

When: June 18, 2020 4:00PM CT – 5:00PM CT
Location: Virtual
Beers with Engineers Meetup Webinar

SD-WAN, The Cloud and the Future of Your Wide Area Network

SD-WAN has dramatically disrupted the enterprise networking landscape in the last five years. SD-WAN can result in real-time application performance improvements, simplicity, and automation for wide-area-networks and optimized cloud access. In SD-WAN implementations organizations deploy an edge device at the branch or in an edge data center, with devices close to their workloads – the public cloud, their branches – to create a mesh of connections between locations with direct access to the cloud that avoids backhaul to the corporate data center. We will discuss deployment models that will include placing edge devices in the cloud, to provide additional control and optimization for IaaS hosted applications. This approach to network design and simplified management is vital to the evolution of the WAN from a traditional hub and spoke that was difficult to configure, especially at scale, and limited in how it served applications in the cloud.

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