BaaS Quick-Start Guide + BaaS M365 User Guide

November 20, 2020
| Misc

In this combined document for Backup as a Service, you will find a Quick-Start guide and a User Guide for M365 Protection.


BaaS Quick-Start Guide

This guide will serve as a quick overview of the most frequently performed tasks within BaaS. These include:

  • Logging in
  • Creating your first account
  • Installing a backup agent
  • Creating a backup plan
  • Recovering a file or folder
  • Recovering an entire machine
  • Activities tab
  • Alert tab
  • Updates tab
  • Best practices

BaaS M365 Protection User Guide

In this user guide, you will find the following content:

  • Adding a M365 organization
  • Protecting Exchange Online data
  • Protecting OneDrive files
  • Protecting SharePoint online sites