Comprehensive IT Solution Meets Current and Future Needs

Planning for what’s next is critical in both business and IT. But short of having a crystal ball, it can be hard to do. For example, who would have thought a global pandemic would strike and require so many businesses to implement work-from-home operations? Some were ready; many weren’t due to the lack of the right IT infrastructure. There’s no single solution for future-proofing IT infrastructure. However, being open to change and looking beyond short-term requirements can make a difference as it did for one nonprofit organization providing services to church organizations in the United States and Canada. 

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Christian Brothers Services

Romeoville, IL


Executive Summary

US Signal Service
  • Increased IT resilience and security with lower RTO/RPO
  • Predictable cost model for IT with reduction in operational overhead and management of core IT infrastructure, backup and DR
  • Increased IT responsiveness to the business
  • HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure
  • Flexibility to quickly transition to new ways of working
  • Ability to quickly accommodate IT needs for remote work operations

Tech Partners Used

About the Customer

Based in Illinois, Christian Brothers Services (CBS) is a nonprofit organization that administers cooperative programs in health, retirement, property/casualty, and school management; technology services; and financial and administrative consulting to congregations, dioceses and other entities. The company maintains a small in-house IT staff whose responsibilities range from supporting both internal and external customers to developing and implementing IT initiatives to support the organization’s mission and continued growth.