Enjoy fast, never-oversubscribed, never-shared Internet access over US Signal’s protected fiber network.

Steady, high-speed internet is a critical resource for today's businesses. As hybrid and remote working models become increasingly popular, reliable internet connections are as crucial as ever. Whether your company needs to streamline file sharing, improve network security or maximize collaboration for remote team members, you need dependable, high-speed internet to succeed.

Dedicated internet access (DIA) from US Signal comes with one of the industry's most comprehensive service level agreements, ensuring continuous, secure access over our entire protected fiber network. We boast multiple Tier 1 upstream connections in major markets across the country, providing our clients with reliable connectivity and optimal latency. Continuous web-based monitoring allows you to manage your usage, while 24/7 network surveillance helps resolve issues quickly.


Benefits of Dedicated T1 Fiber Internet Services for Enterprises and Small Businesses

At US Signal, we build our high-speed DIA solutions on proven dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and synchronous optical network (SONET) technologies to ensure maximum bandwidth and peak connectivity. Take advantage of burstable, fixed bandwidth speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.

Explore some of the primary features of our DIA services:

Tier 1 Peering

Tier 1 Peering

Take advantage of US Signal Tier 1 upstream connections in major markets to ensure the best connectivity and optimal latency.

Closer Content

Closer Content

Utilize your US Signal peering connection to top content providers to deliver the highest performance in the Midwest.

Ultimate Protection

Ultimate Protection

Take advantage of internet traffic that originates and terminates on US Signal's owned and operated network, increasing overall protection.


  • Our DIA pairs with our optional managed router add-on to offload Layer 3 device management on-premise.
  • Our network connects to the internet through multiple upstream providers for high availability and redundancy.
  • US Signal's DIA connects directly with large content providers, delivering lower latency to the hosted content.
  • Mesh network protection and advanced edge architecture resiliency enable path switching in less than 50 milliseconds.
  • Automated network protection with dynamic border gateway protocol (BPG) routing and ringed fiber topology protects against point-of-presence (PoP) and fiber outages.
  • Fiber network built on SONET and DWDM technologies with redundant upstreams for ultimate performance.
  • Includes enhanced DDoS Protection to block the most advanced threats in real time.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

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Discover More About Dedicated Internet Access With US Signal

US Signal delivers reliable DIA solutions to businesses dependent on stable, secure, high-speed connectivity. Since 2001, we have provided the industry's top cloud solutions, managed services and data center technologies to help our clients meet their ever-changing needs. Contact us online today to learn more about how our dedicated internet access service can benefit your company.