Choosing an IT Service Provider: Trust Matters

June 22, 2021
Customer Service, IT Services

Data protection. Data privacy. Ransomware. Changing regulatory requirements. Staff shortages. Skills gaps. Digital transformation initiatives. More connected devices. The need and/or desire to move more workloads to the cloud. Company executives that expect their IT teams to do more with less. The list of issues facing most IT professionals isn’t getting any shorter.

While there’s no single or simple solution for overcoming these challenges, partnering with a trusted IT services provider can help. So how to find an IT service provider you can trust?

The “What If’s” and “Will They’s”

There are a lot of IT service providers out there. Many of them can probably deliver solutions to meet your various IT needs. But is what you think you need what you really need—and will you be able to trust a service provider to tell you? 

Will the service provider give you a comprehensive, honest assessment of your needs and propose options that can best meet them? Will the proposed solutions still work if your business needs change? Will you be locked into specific services?

Are the solutions focused on fulfilling specific needs although there are other IT issues that could easily be addressed as well with a different approach? Will the proposed IT solution solve one problem but cause another to emerge?

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What if you encounter a problem with an IT solution? Will the service provider answer the phone when you call, or will you be talking to an answering service? When and if your call is answered by your provider, will you get immediate assistance or be passed around to various people before you get to someone that can solve your issue?

There are a lot of unknowns when you’re considering working with an IT service provider. That’s why trust is so important. You want and need to work with a service provider that will put your best interests first and be there for you when needed.

How do you find a service provider like that? 

Steps for Finding a Trusted IT Services Provider

Trust isn’t automatic; it must be earned. Unless you’ve already built a relationship with a reliable IT service provider in your current position or with a previous employer, you’re going to need to do some legwork. The following are some of the steps you should take:

  • Make a list of what you want and expect from an IT service provider. Think in terms of both your short- and long-term needs.
  • Among the considerations: Do you need someone local? Will you need consulting services or other assistance in addition to a specific solution? Do you want access to 24/7/365 support? Do you need someone that can collaborate with your other vendors? Do you need contract flexibility?
  • Talk to others in your profession or industry. Ask for referrals, particularly from peers that have had to deal with issues like yours. Take advantage of opportunities to consult with peers at conferences, seminars, and online forums. Don’t rely solely on online reviews, but do take a look at any that are available — including from industry analysts — to get an idea of what’s being said about various service providers.
  • Look at prospective service providers’ websites. You’ll encounter a lot of “marketing speak,” but you’ll also get a feel for what the various companies feel is important to stress on their websites.
  • Once you have a list of potential providers, do a preliminary review of customer testimonials and case studies on their websites.
  •  Look online for articles or blogs that the service providers you’re considered to have published or that have been written about them. Do they come across as experts and thought leaders? Are there certain attributes that stand out, such as a commitment to customer service, a focus on long-term relationships or being exceptionally innovative?
  • Develop a list of questions to ask your finalists. Don’t be afraid to include the “hard” questions. Make sure to ask about service level commitments, flexible contracts, pricing options, and support. pose various scenarios and ask the prospects how they’d handle them. Ask how they typically work with customers. How much communication and interaction can you expect? Will you have a dedicated account representative? What if your needs change mid-way through a project? Will the provider be able to pivot with you and modify the solution as needed?
  • Include others from your organization in the interview sessions. Your gut instinct will play an important role in your decision to go with a particular IT service provider, but it’s good to have others’ opinions as well.
  • Ask prospective providers for references and check them. If there were issues, how did the provider resolve them? Would the company work with that provider again?
  • Evaluate the prospective providers’ next steps. Did they take the time to understand more about your business needs and the challenges you face? Did they discuss possible options? Did they simply come back to you with a quote for the service you said you needed?

There’s no guarantee that the IT service provider you choose to go with will be one you can trust. But doing your due diligence before making your decision will make it more likely.

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