The US Signal Network at a Glance

May 9, 2024
Network, Data Centers

If you’re an organization based in the Midwest and/or doing business in the region, access to a robust, secure network — and various connectivity services — is critical. After all, that access will enable your company to leverage digital transformation and remain competitive in a fast-changing business climate.

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Network access and services are critical for everyday business operations. They’re necessary for transferring data seamlessly and securely within your organization across any location and to your users, vendors, and others.

They’re required for implementing technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, generative artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more. Having that network access and the various services close by means less latency (which generates better user and customer experiences) and more expedient support.

US Signal delivers what you need with the largest, wholly owned private network in the Midwest. Self-promotion? You bet! But we own the network, maintain it, monitor it, continually invest in it and upgrade it, and resolve any issues that arise before they become problems. That’s good for business — ours and yours.

US Signal Network Overview

Here’s what you need to know about the US Signal network. It’s comprised of:

  • 9,500 lit and dark fiber throughout 10 states, coupled with dedicated bandwidth and fully meshed MPLS routing
  • Multiple transit upstream providers
  • Protected metro rings in 20 Midwest markets

It includes connections to US Signal’s nine SSAE 18 audited data centers, which all meet HIPAA, PCI, NIST 800-171, and FBI CJIS standards.

They’re strategically located in business-friendly, mid-sized cities throughout America’s heartland — considered one of the safest geographical areas in the U.S. Their locations make them ideal for edge computing, colocation, and disaster recovery. Secure cloud services are available, too. Most of those data centers are at least 200 miles apart and are on separate power grids to minimize the effects of natural disasters.

The US Signal network also offers access to over 225 data centers and POPs and redundant Tier 1 peering relationships. It’s backed by US Signal’s 24/7/365 Technical Operations Center (TOC) and industry-leading SLAs.

There’s more. The network also includes or offers:

  • Multiple access options to meet needs for flexibility and scalability, including direct Tier 1 peering, cloud exchanges, full rate GigE External Network to Network Interface (ENNI)
  • Carrier-neutral data centers with meet-me-rooms (MMRs)
  • Carrier hotels/peering exchanges in 50 third-party data centers with participation in five peering exchanges
  • Geographically diverse routes between carrier interconnection locations across the network for maximum uptime
  • Cloud and ethernet exchanges via Equinix Cloud Exchange™ and other large neutral data centers
  • Direct network access to multiple hosted partner applications housed in US Signal data centers and US Signal cloud
  • The ability to utilize Carrier Ethernet and MPLS protocol for fast recovery and low-latency data transmission
  • Direct connections to AWS, Azure, and Google hyper-scale cloud providers for hybrid deployments
  • The ability to support customer premise-to-cloud workload migrations and cloud-based backup and replication strategies
  • Private layer 2 cloud to data center direct connection
  • Multi-tenant and private cloud availability to address workload performance, compliance, or security needs
  • The ability to transfer workloads from US Signal cloud pods over private US Signal owned and managed network without going to the internet, improving latency and security

US Signal Network Advantages

There are other network choices in the Midwest, including some of the big names in the business. But as the specifications noted in the previous section indicate, the US Signal network has the connections customers need — and it delivers peace of mind thanks to US Signal’s 24/7/365 TOC and industry-leading SLAs.

We also continue to invest in our fiber network, ensuring its ongoing reliability, speed, and resilience. Adding to the company’s strength is a staff of IT professionals whose technical acumen and knowledge base are equally matched by their abilities to develop efficient, cost-effective problem-solving IT solutions.

Our solution portfolio includes customer-driven data center technologies, network services, cloud solutions, and managed services. And like our network, our services are backed by our 24/7/365 TOC and industry-leading SLAs — and further enhanced by a commitment to delivering extraordinary service and an equally exceptional customer experience.

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