Veeam Insider Protection

August 4, 2021
Data Protection, Partner

Ultimate Insider Protection with US Signal and Veeam

Add Backup Protection with Veeam Insider Protection

It’s a scenario that managed service providers (MSPs) and their customers dread: a customer’s Veeam backups disappeared. They may have been accidentally deleted from a cloud repository or because of a mistake made while configuring backup jobs and settings. Or it could be due to a ransomware attack that not only encrypted the data but also deleted the backups.

The latter is becoming an increasingly common occurrence as cyber thieves are more frequently targeting and destroying backup files. In some cases, they learn an organization’s retention policies. So rather than just deleting the backup files, they corrupt the production data and continually run backups to a cloud target. The result: recovery points are no longer useful because the backups already contain corrupted data.

Fortunately for MSPs and their customers, US Signal and Veeam offer a solution: Cloud Backup for Veeam and, more specifically, its Insider Protection feature.

Backups Safe in Recycle Bin

Insider Protection adds an extra level of security for backups and is particularly helpful in protecting backups from ransomware. If a backup file is deleted accidentally or maliciously, it’s retained in an air-gapped directory, which functions as a recycle bin. This isolated folder isn’t visible to the customer or public routing.

The deleted backup files ─ both full backups (VBK files) and incremental backups (VIB) ─ remain in the recycle bin for seven days or for a specified period as agreed upon between the customer and US Signal. The files in the recycle bin don’t consume the customer’s storage quota. They only consume disk space on US Signal’s storage where the cloud repository is configured.

Once the customer is ready to restore its data, US Signal can transfer the customer’s files back over the network or on a portable drive. It can then be imported back into the customer’s Veeam Backup and Replication console.

When using a Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) retention policy, data can also be restored from archival backups if an attacker deletes or "ages out" the offsite chain. (US Signal’s solution engineers will be happy to discuss the process in detail if you’re interested.)

Enabling Insider Protection is Easy

If you’re an MSP and offer US Signal’s Cloud Backup for Veeam, it’s easy to make the Insider Protection feature available to your customers. Simply request US Signal to enable it for the specific customer. You don’t need to make any changes to any jobs or the Veeam configuration.

By default, any aged-out or deleted backups ─ regardless of what caused them to be deleted ─ will be moved to the recycle bin. The folder is automatically created when a customer’s backup file is moved to the recycle bin for the first time.

As noted earlier, the recycle bin isn’t visible to customers, and it’s only accessible by US Signal’s support team. Any backup files in it appear as deleted to the customer and can’t be accessed. If a deleted backup file in the recycle fin needs to be restored, the customer contacts US Signal.

Customer and MSP Benefits

Obviously, the Insider Protection feature offers considerable value to customers. If it’s enabled and the customer is aware of the retention policy, any backup files that are deleted for any reason can be recovered. That ensures data availability and eliminates downtime due to data loss or corruption.

There’s value for MSPs as well. Making the feature available to customers helps earn customer satisfaction and loyalty, as does US Signal’s 24/7 technical support and white-glove service. There’s also the opportunity to sell additional storage capacity to cover the potential of large backups moving to the recycle bin.

The US Signal-Veeam Advantage

In our experience, Veeam offers some of the industry’s best backup and replication solutions. They feature granular recovery, analytics, and scalable architecture to meet the full spectrum of data protection needs.

You can access those solutions through US Signal, along with any required licensing and backup appliances or solution management. Working with US Signal also gives you the benefits of dealing with a single vendor and trusted partner to help you implement your data protection and disaster recovery plans. Our Veeam-powered solutions – like Cloud Backup for Veeam – are strengthened by US Signal’s reliable, HIPAA- and PCI-compliant cloud services for backup, replication, and disaster recovery. US Signal also offers flexible storage options, including object storage for data archival and long-term retention needs.

To learn more about the benefits of the US Signal-Veeam partnership, download our free eBook: A GUIDE TO END-TO-END DATA PROTECTION FEATURING VEEAM.

If you’re an MSP that’s interested in offering US Signal’s Cloud Availability for Veeam services – including Cloud Backup for Veeam with the Insider Protection feature – contact US Signal's Partner Development Coordinator, Kelsey Buller.

For general information about Cloud Availability for Veeam or any US Signal solution, call 866.2.SIGNAL or email us at: [email protected].