White Glove Treatment: It’s Business as Usual at US Signal

February 26, 2017
Customer Service, IT Services, US Signal

There are many business and tech blogs and articles on the topic of “words not to use” — those cringe-inducing, over-used industry buzzwords. Many of them are often not reflective of what the company using them does or delivers. That’s the case with “white glove treatment.” It’s a phrase you probably hear a lot from IT service providers.

The idea is that the service provider will treat you with extra care and attention. You’re important, and will receive top priority. But, how often is that the case after the contract is signed and the deal closed? And, should a company have to promise that you’ll receive special care and attention? Shouldn’t “white glove treatment” be the standard way of interacting with customers?

The US Signal Approach to Service

It is at US Signal. We’re not big on tooting our own horn, as the saying goes. However, we do deliver a level of problem solving and support that sets us apart in the market — and has played a key role in helping us achieve a 98% customer retention rate. Much of it stems from what we refer to as our “concierge onboarding” or service approach.

It starts with spending considerable time with our customers in the pre-sales stage. Because of our extensive experience in IT services, we know the right questions to ask so we can better understand the challenges they face and identify the problems they need solved. This enables us to help them develop a long-term strategy for transitioning from how they currently handle their IT operations to a consumption- or cloud-based model that can better meet their business and technical needs.

We know that not every customer can immediately jump from an on-premise environment to a cloud service. Maybe there is equipment that still has book value or isn’t fully depreciated. Or, perhaps there are compliance requirements that necessitate keeping some workloads on-site. We can customize and rightsize solutions that accommodate these requirements, as well as provide costing models to show total cost of ownership and return on investment for a three- to five-year IT strategy.

Here’s where the big differentiator comes into play. We integrate professional and managed services into our solutions to help our customers successfully implement them. This is something many IT service providers can’t do. We have extensive experience in helping customers migrate from one IT environment to another, with proven methodologies and experienced staff to get customers from where they are to where they need to be. We know the pitfalls. We know which best practices work best. We know the importance of staying in communication with customers throughout the process to keep things on track.

Once a project is completed, the service and support is ongoing. There are periodic service reviews. Technical assistance is available 24/7/365 with calls answered by trained professionals — typically within 30 seconds.

It may not be “white glove treatment,” but it is the kind of service we think matters in helping our customers achieve speed to business value with their IT strategy —and in earning and keeping their trust.