Enterprise Backup-as-a-Service

Enterprise Backup-as-a-Service

Shorten backup and recovery times. Improve bandwidth efficiencies. Shrink storage requirements. It's all possible with Enterprise Backup-as-a-Service (EBaaS), US Signal's fully managed backup and recovery for on-premises environments and data hosted in a US Signal cloud environment. 

All related infrastructure and backup components are managed and monitored by the US Signal services team to free your internal resources from dealing with the daily management and troubleshooting. To help meet customers' specific backup needs, EBaaS is available in different deployment models. 

  • Agent-based Deployment. EBaaS's agent-based deployment offers file and application backup and restoration, including for individual files and folders, and protection for entire operating systems. The solution is enabled by installing the software agent directly onto the workload Source workloads can be on the customer premises or within the US Signal Enterprise Cloud (resource pools) or Hosted Private Cloud.
  • Image-based Deployment. EBaaS's image-based deployment is enabled by interacting directly with the hypervisor to take crash-consistent full image-level backups of virtual machines. It's intended for use with workloads that don't require application specific backups.  The EBaaS image-based deployment is only available for virtual machines within US Signal's Enterprise Cloud (dedicated or flexible resource pools).   
  • Combined Agent- and Image-based Deployment. US Signal also offers a combined agent- and image-based deployment that can reduce customers' total cost of operation for data protection while providing a comprehensive solution.  The combined deployment model protects workloads that have application-level requirements with software agents, while protecting workloads that only require full crash consistent recovery points with the imaged-based protection. The per GB pricing is lower for the image-based data, which can lower overall customer costs.  


  • Flexible backup schedules and retention policies
  • Agent-based, image-based and combined agent- and image-based deployment models to fit specific use cases
  • Encryption of backup datasets
  • Support for all major Windows and Linux operating systems and applications
  • Simple pricing based on amount of protected data and number of protected devices
  • Designed to HIPAA and PCI standards

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