Technology Assessments

Technology Assessments

US Signal’s technology assessments can help get your company where it wants to be by helping you understand what it will take to get there. The process is customized to your organization’s specific needs, but generally starts with an assessment of your IT resources and practices and how they compare to those of similar organizations. Next is a review of your short- and long-term business and technology objectives, followed by a gap analysis to identify what you have and what you need to achieve your goals. Drawing on industry best practices, business insights, technology trends and other information, the US Signal team then can make recommendations for a strategic technology roadmap to take you in the right direction.

Assessments are available for:

  • Data Protection - covering business recovery objectives, risk management, disaster recovery planning, disaster recovery practice, backup and restoration, and data archival
  • Information Security - with a focus on data governance, identity and access management, operational administration, organizational structure, risk management, physical security, control plane security and data plane security.
  • IT Benchmarking - which includes IT business planning, enterprise architecture, emerging technologies, infrastructure development and operations, application development, project management, IT finance, quality assurance, end-user support, maintenance and optimization, risk management, and vendor management.


  • A convenient, one-day US Signal-client workshop for information gathering and in-person discussions.
  • Conducted by a solution architect team with extensive experience in IT service portfolio reviews, technology planning and customized solution and roadmap development.
  • Delivery of report that summarizes results; establishes baseline status and benchmarks; and offers recommendations for next steps.

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