Beers with Engineers: It’s More Than Free Beer

February 16, 2022
Beers with Engineers

In the IT business, it can be difficult to find opportunities to discuss those frequent IT issues that come up in the course of the day, much less trending IT topics. Discussing any of them with your peers and/or industry experts – while enjoying a beer? Wouldn’t that be ideal?

It can and does happen thanks to US Signal’s Beers with Engineers (BWE) events.

Overview of Beers with Engineers

BWE events are meetups in the cities where US Signal’s data centers are located. They’re typically held at local breweries where attendees can participate in networking, panel discussions, and webinars led by US Signal in-house experts and technology partners, demos, and Q&A sessions ─ and enjoy some of the best brews in town courtesy of US Signal.

Each quarter, the events usually focus on a specific topic of interest to IT professionals. That can include anything from IT security to data management. There are no sales pitches. These events are not meant to promote US Signal products and services. They’re about bringing together IT professionals of all levels of experience to discuss common technology interests and issues and share ideas ─ all in a relaxed, social setting.

While the events are typically held “in person,” some situations may require them to be held virtually. If that’s the case, participants will be notified as to where they can pick up their complimentary beer so they can still enjoy a brew while participating from home or the office.

Why Attend Beers with Engineers

There are many reasons to attend BWE events – and not just because of the free beer (although it’s a good reason as well.) Among them, the opportunity to:

  • Increase your knowledge of and exposure to trending IT topics
  • Ask questions and get answers and different perspectives from both your peers and industry experts
  • Learn about different solutions to common IT problems and challenges
  • Exchange ideas with peers from other organizations
  • Share your thoughts on various IT topics and issues as well as suggest topics for future BWE events
  • Participate in live polls or surveys to gather more information on various IT topics
  • Take advantage of giveaways from BWE sponsors
  • Network in a relaxed, informal environment

Join Us

Want to see what you’ve been missing? Check out videos of past sessions here.

However, the best way to discover if a BWE event is worth your while is to attend one. For information on what’s coming up, click on the Events tab on the US Signal website and select Beers with Engineers Meetups in the Categories column to the right. Or get on the list at

We look forward to sharing information, ideas, and a beer or two with you.