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Beyond Disaster Recovery: Think IT Resiliency

Between the educational resources provided by IT services vendors, pushes by government agencies, and the media’s reporting on the negative effects of manmade and natural disasters on some of the most well-known companies, there’s been almost a full-court press to get companies to make DR planning a priority.

It may be working.

Zetta, a provider of data protection and disaster recovery solutions, noted in its 2016 State of Disaster Recovery Report that 96 percent of the organizations it surveyed had some type of DR solution, and three-fifths said they had a “documented DR plan” in place. While the results from other studies are far less optimistic regarding an upswing in adoption planning, it’s clear that progress is being made. However, there’s still work to be done.

DR planning isn’t just about “recovery.” Resilience is also a key component. IT resilience is a company’s ability to maintain acceptable service levels, no matter what challenges arise or disasters strike. The focus is on “uptime” rather than recovery time. But, it’s not just a matter of keeping servers and applications up and running. Resilience extends to all physical and virtual layers of an organization, including business processes, workflows, technologies, policies and even the people required for always-on availability.

On Wednesday, April 19th, US Signal will host a free webinar on this topic. Entitled “Creating IT Resiliency in Your DR Plan,” the interactive event will provide information on incorporating resilience into a DR plan with specific emphasis on:

The webinar will also feature a case study of a company that used a Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution to meet its need for a DR plan that incorporates IT resilience.  

In addition to registering for the free DR planning webinar, take advantage of the resources that follow. You can also contact US Signal to set up a free consultation with a solution architect to discuss your DR planning needs. Call toll-free: 866.2. SIGNAL, or email: 616.988.0414

Free DR Resources

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