​US Signal Launches Cohesity-Powered Data Protection Solution

February 2, 2021
US Signal

US Signal Launches Cohesity-Powered Data Protection Solution

Grand Rapids, Mich., February 2, 2021 – US Signal, a leading data center services provider, today announced the launch of Cohesity Data Management from US Signal. The data protection and disaster recovery solution provides an easy way for midsize organizations and enterprises to ensure their critical data is backed up and protected. It combines US Signal’s secure, scalable cloud resources with the multi-cloud data platform offered by Cohesity, a leading global data management firm.

“Data is critical to the operations of most companies, but it’s also at increased risk of loss, inaccessibility, corruption, and compliance violations due to cyber threats, data breaches, and other factors,” Matt VanderZwaag, US Signal’s executive vice president of products and services, explained.

“The relationship with Cohesity enables our two organizations to combine complementary strengths to create a cost-effective, multi-faceted solution to help organizations overcome these risks. We look forward to working together to leverage this powerful resource to help customers dramatically reduce their TCO and increase operational efficiency while protecting and deriving more value from their data.”

David Kosman, head of global service providers at Cohesity, added “The combination of Cohesity’s multi-cloud data platform and the resources and expertise of US Signal provides customers with modern, flexible and highly secure solution to manage their data while removing the complexities often associated with legacy data infrastructure. Data management has never been simpler.”

Feature-rich Solution Offers Versatility and Cost-Efficiency

Cohesity Data Management from US Signal meets the requirements of a variety of use cases including providing ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud data protection and protecting workloads in US Signal’s PCI- and HIPAA-compliant public and private clouds.

The cloud-based solution features SLA-backed 100% data availability. It uses a pay-as-you-go consumption model for flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Because the solution is delivered “as a service,” no hardware investment is required. This makes it ideal for organizations under increasing pressure to reduce capital budgets during the current global pandemic.

US Signal's Cohesity-powered service protects workloads in US Signal’s public and private cloud infrastructure. Full virtual machine (VM) protection is provided, including at the application and file level, but doesn’t require the installation of an agent on the VMs. Deduplication of the data helps to reduce required storage space, adding to the solution’s cost-saving benefits for the customer.

US Signal also offers organizations that use the Cohesity DataProtect solution for local backup to replicate to an offsite location as part of their secure disaster recovery (DR) service.

Customers benefit from the ability to copy backups to low-cost S3 compatible object storage. Or it can be moved to tiered storage on a predetermined schedule to accommodate long-term data retention and compliance requirements.

Additional information is available on the US Signal website and on Cohesity’s blog.


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