Data Protection: You Have Choices

November 29, 2021
Backup, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery

It goes without saying, data protection is critical. Without their data, most companies couldn’t remain in business — or at least would experience a lot of negative, costly issues. It would make sense that organizations would do everything and anything they could to keep their data safe and accessible.

Unfortunately, data protection — and the subset of it, disaster recovery (DR) — aren’t easy. There are numerous issues that come into play and many questions that must be answered.

For example, does all your data need to be immediately accessible, or is some more important? Are there regulatory requirements to consider? Will traditional on-premise backup suffice or do you need a cloud-based solution? Do you have in-house staff that can handle DR or would it make more sense to outsource it?

Do you already have licensing for a particular product that could affect its choice of a DR solution? Does the expense model for the solution — CapEx or OpEx — make a difference?

Not surprisingly, there’s no single, all-encompassing DR solution. There are, however, many good solutions on the market that can help organizations meet their recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). Consider what US Signal offers.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

First, there’s Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). It’s exactly what it says: DR delivered as a service. You don’t have to purchase and maintain the infrastructure required. It’s a service you pay for and treated as an operating expense.

The way it works is your primary production environment will be continuously replicated to a US Signal cloud environment or between two US Signal virtual data centers. When needed, a fully replicated instance of your environment can be deployed with just the click of a button. 

DOWNLOAD NOW - 10 Considerations for Selecting a DRaaS Solution and Provider

US Signal offers two DRaaS solutions, each employing a different technology:

DRaaS with Zerto

DRaaS with Zerto leverages the popular Zerto virtual replication technology. It’s available as a fully managed or self-managed solution to fit your applications, business requirements, and budget.

With the fully managed option, DR is set up, monitored, and maintained by US Signal engineers and includes documented RTO and RPO SLA’s plus a full DR playbook. The self-managed option allows you to replicate to one or more US Signal purpose-built DRaaS clusters using our licensing or your existing perpetual enterprise licensing with Zerto. Both options allow you to test your DR solution up to twice per year for free.

DRaaS with Zerto features continuous replication and simplified failover operations to maximize application availability. Multi-cloud replication agility simplifies workload mobility to protect, recover, and move workloads.

DRaaS for VMware

DRaaS for VMware provides an enterprise-class managed cloud infrastructure that's target built for DR. You can enjoy the benefits of a robust DR solution without the costs and headaches of deploying and managing a secondary site. The integration is simple and uses familiar VMware tooling and no third-party software layers.

You can confidently deploy a secure solution thanks to the built-in security capabilities of the VMware software stack, including encryption for data at rest and data in motion. No VPN is needed because connectivity is built in between the tenant and US Signal vCloud-powered cloud environment. There are no data transit costs and monthly charges are based only on what you use — VMs protected and storage consumed.


US Signal also offers two replication solutions.

Enterprise Replication

With Enterprise Replication, on-premises data is replication to a US Signal Cloud-hosted secure native target. Pricing based on true usage after deduplication.

Enterprise Replication reduces the amount of data transmitted over the network by replicating only changed blocks. Data replication endpoints are securely accessible from the Internet. All data replication traffic is protected by SSL encryption. Restorations are supported by the US Signal team, and US Signal monitors and maintains the replicated cloud target storage appliance.

Cloud Replication for Veeam

Cloud Replication for Veeam offers a flexible cloud-based replication target for your on-premises virtual machines (VM's). There’s no need to maintain a second site. Protected workloads replicate directly into vCloud Director, creating ready-to-start copies of VMs in a US Signal Resource Pool.

Whether replicating and restoring an entire site or specific VMs, you’ll experience fast failover/failback with almost zero data loss and minimal disruption. You can also opt for US Signal to manage your replication platform. There’s no additional licensing required if you have a Veeam license.


Cohesity DR Option

Data Management for Cohesity

Yet another option is US Signal’s Cohesity Data Management (CDM). It combines Cohesity’s converged data protection platform with US Signal’s secure, scalable cloud resources for an optimized approach to data management and protection. CDM includes two full managed service offerings: Cohesity Backup, which provides backups of data in US Signal’s Resource Pools, and Cloud Recovery for Cohesity, for replicating copies of backups offsite that can restore into the US Signal cloud.  


The Custom Approach

Even the most technologically advanced DR solutions won’t do your organization much good if they 1.) don’t meet your company’s unique needs and 2.) aren’t regularly tested to ensure they do what you need them to do.

That’s why US Signal doesn’t simply sell DR and replication solutions off-the-shelf products. You can get them that way, of course. But the better option is to let US Signal’s solution architects review your company’s data protection needs, as well as the other issues that affect them.

They can then architect and right-size a more customized, comprehensive solution. They’ll also make sure it’s tested, and work with you to ensure it really does meet your company’s needs and deliver the protection – and peace of mind – you need.

DR in Action

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To learn more about US Signal’s DR solutions and how they can benefit your organization, call us at 866.2.SIGNAL or email: [email protected].