Disaster Recovery Battles: RaaS vs DRaaS

July 22, 2016
Backup, Disaster Recovery

What type of data protection do you need? When customers begin to look at US Signal’s wide range of data protection solutions we are often asked what the difference is between our Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offerings. In today’s post I want to compare two of the fundamental differences between the two services.

Backup or Replication

When comparing solutions like RaaS and DRaaS, having a firmly established end solution in mind is important. RaaS is built on backup technology, while DRaaS is built on real time replication. Backup technology has the advantage of being designed for longer retention periods, whereas with replication, the primary goal is to be able to handle immediate or very recent incidents. 

In some cases, it makes sense to protect different systems with different solutions. Perhaps you put your most critical database servers in DRaaS, while you put your file systems in RaaS. That would enable fast recovery in case your database servers go down, and a longer retention policy in case files are accidentally deleted.

Recovery time choices

Another important factor when choosing your data protection solution is the recovery time objective. Replication-based products like DRaaS shine due to their quick recovery time. Because your servers are replicated and kept in a “warm” state, spinning up your DR environment can be completed in a matter of minutes to hours. Recovery time for backup or “cold” solutions vary widely based on the amount of data to be recovered, backup compression level, and if the backup is being recovered to the source or to the cloud.

The US Signal benefit

There are some perks that come with both products. First, both are fully managed disaster recovery solutions. Our Managed Services team will work with you to create a disaster recovery playbook detailing our response in case of a disaster.  This playbook will be regularly tested and updated to give you additional peace of mind. When a disaster strikes you simply call into the TOC and within an average of 30 seconds our team will answer your call and get your recovery started. 

Because US Signal is a Cloud, Network, and Services provider, we can offer some unique solutions you simply can’t find with other providers. For example, if paired with our network services, your backup traffic can actually bypass the public Internet all together, thus increasing security and reducing the time it takes to complete your backups. If you find colocation based disaster recovery appealing, US Signal’s facilities could be an ideal solution for active-active data protection solutions. If you have a few minutes, watch what our customer Metro Health had to say about our facilities below.


We understand that developing your disaster recovery plan can be daunting. At US Signal we will work with you to intelligently craft a unique data protection strategy combining all of the benefits of data protection, network, and cloud - all built on top of our enterprise-grade technology and industry-leading experience. Contact us today, and together we can build the total data protection solution to keep your business going regardless of what disaster strikes.