Get More from Veeam Availability Suite

May 23, 2019
Backup, Cloud, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery

In a 2018 press release, Veeam, which bills itself as the “leader in intelligent data management for the Hyper-Available Enterprise,” reported it had $827 million in total bookings revenue in 2017, an increase of 36 percent year-over-year. That’s not surprising. The company offers great, in-demand products. Among them: the company’s industry-leading backup and replication product, Veeam Availability Suite.

There’s a good chance you may even be using it. If you are — and you’re using Version 9.5, Update 4 — US Signal can help you do even more with it.

US Signal recently launched its Cloud Availability for Veeam. It offers optimal availability for your disaster recovery and/or backup plan with no additional Veeam licensing fee. Plus, you get all the benefits of working with US Signal, including 24/7/365 technical support. (And for a limited time, you can try it for free.)

Here’s How It Works

Cloud Availability for Veeam takes advantage of a key feature in Veaam Availability Suite —Cloud Connect. You simply point your backups or replica jobs to the US Signal cloud.

There are three services in Cloud Availability for Veeam: Cloud Backup for Veeam, Cloud Replication for Veeam, and Cloud Archive for Veeam. You can combine them all for a complete data protection strategy from a single pane of glass. Or choose the specific service that best meets your needs.

Cloud Backup for Veeam

First, there’s Cloud Backup for Veeam. It’s a fast, secure way to get your virtual machine (VM) backups off-site and into the US Signal Cloud. Its big advantage is the elimination of the costs and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. Plus, you pay only for the resources you need. No additional Veeam licensing is required.

All backups and offsite copies are managed and recovered directly from your Veeam backup console. You can easily employ the 3-2-1 best practice of protecting your data: three copies of your data stored on two different types of media with one copy off-site. It also includes end-to-end encryption for data in-flight and at rest.

Cloud Replication for Veeam

There’s also US Signal’s Cloud Replication for Veeam. It offers a flexible cloud-based replication target for your on-premise VMs which you can quickly and easily provision. There’s no need — or costs — for maintaining a second site. Protected workloads replicate directly into vCloud Director, creating ready-to-start copies of your VMs in a US Signal Resource Pool.

You can fail over to the replication environment and back to the source as needed. Whether replicating and restoring an entire site or specific VMs, failover/failback is fast with almost zero data loss and minimal disruption.

Cloud Archive for Veeam

Increasingly, a lot of companies have a need for long-term data retention. If you’re among them, US Signal’s Cloud Archive for Veeam may be of interest. Using the Cloud Tier feature in Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4, it automatically archives backup data into US Signal S3 Object Storage. You get unlimited capacity for long-term data retention at the lower cost of object storage.

The integration with object storage also results in a space-saving, smaller footprint on your local storage that doesn’t slow down recovery operations. Backups moved to object storage remain transparently accessible to all Veeam functionality. They’re readily available for restores to production directly without prior staging. You can still perform instant VM recoveries, computer and disk-level restores, and file-level and item-level restores.