IT Architecture Services - Because One Size Doesn't Fit All

February 22, 2018
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As we’ve said many times, off-the-shelf cloud solutions work great for some organizations. For others, not so much.  That’s because many companies have unique applications that may each have custom sets of requirements that can’t be accommodated by just any IT environment. The result: IT staffs are left to architect their own clouds to meet their organizations’ specific application and data needs.

The Disadvantages of Do-It-Yourself Cloud Building

Among the problems with building a cloud environment in-house is it can be time consuming, taking IT staff away from other important tasks. Even finding the time to devote to building a cloud often isn’t possible given that many IT professionals are bogged down by day-to-day maintenance tasks, software upgrades and battling security issues, not to mention the strategic initiatives that their CIOs expect them to handle. 

Plus, building out and deploying a cloud environment requires specialized expertise that many in-house staffs just don’t have. There are several factors to take into consideration, including latency, compliance issues, security, interconnections, performance optimization, accommodating legacy systems and more.

For example, there may be a strong desire to move to the cloud. But several applications, for various reasons, must be kept in-house. Resource usage may fluctuate frequently, making scalability essential. Perhaps higher levels of performance and high availability are required to accommodate production workloads in addition to development and testing applications. Maybe the company is subject to regulatory rules that require certain industry-specific security protocols to protect data.

Even if a company was to go with a known cloud service, it’s never quite as easy as pushing of a button. Whether from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or any of the many smaller IaaS, PaaS and SaaS providers out there, each cloud has its own particular architecture, APIs, and idiosyncrasies. A certain amount of expertise is still needed to deploy them; even more to try to customize to fit a company’s unique needs — if that’s even possible.

Leave Cloud Building to the Experts

When it comes to creating a cloud environment – or a hybrid IT environment – that can meet your company’s needs, go with a cloud services provider that specializes in customizing IT solutions. US Signal is one of them. US Signal doesn’t sell commodity cloud services; we employ IT architecture services to design solutions.

Our team has extensive experience in designing customized solutions, many of which entail accommodating legacy systems and setting the stage for future capabilities. Each engagement is unique, but here are some of the common steps that take place. Our solution architects will:

  • Measure, analyze and understand your workloads. Are things working well as they are? Will they work in the future?
  • Assess your data.  What kind of data do you have? Where does it reside? 
  • Learn about the needs associated with your data.  Do you have specific security, compliance, privacy or other needs? What policies do you have in place to protect your data? Are they applicable to various IT environments or will you need new ones devised?
  • Review your company’s goals and requirements, short-term and long-term. Are they changing? Can IT support them as is or do you need more resources, new capabilities, additional power, less latency, scalability, or anything else?
  • Draw on real-world tested reference architectures, proven methodologies, and best practices, as appropriate, to develop appropriate solution designs. Typically, there’s no need to start from scratch. We can often pull from US Signal’s SLA-backed solutions built on PCI DSS- and HIPAA-compliant, audited IT infrastructure to form a good portion of the solution.
  • Work to ensure that the proposed solution can seamlessly integrate with your other IT services.

One of a Kind Solutions

Your company is one of a kind; your cloud solution should be too. View some of the case studies in our Resources section to learn how we’ve employed IT architecture services to help our customers.  To learn what we can do for you, call 866.2. SIGNAL or email [email protected]