Your IT Roadmap Starts with a Technology Assessment

March 21, 2018
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For many of us in the IT profession, we simply don’t know what we don’t have, what we do have and what we need to best align our organization’s technology and business objectives — at least in a very strategic way. It’s hard enough just maintaining servers, deploying security patches, rolling out software upgrades, and doing all the other tasks that take up an IT professional’s time. It can be next to impossible to find the necessary time and resources to conduct a comprehensive analysis of IT resources and map them to business goals.

Determining how your IT operations stack up compared to those of other organizations like yours? Who has time for that when there are new forms of malware to battle and new user authorizations to set up?

That’s about to change. US Signal recently launched a service that can provide important insights about your IT practices and how best to optimize them. And, it only requires a minimal time commitment from your in-house IT team.

Early Insights Workshop

US Signal’s Early Insights technology assessment provides an objective analysis of your company’s IT policies and practices. It identifies strengths and weaknesses and offers solutions to optimize your IT operations.

Provided in a workshop format, the assessment can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and circumstances. It typically lasts two hours and is led by a team of US Signal technology experts with extensive experience in IT service assessment and solution building.

The Process

The process generally starts with information gathering to understand and assess your current IT policies and practices. This allows the US Signal team to evaluate them against those of comparable organizations.

Next is a review of your short- and long-term business and technology objectives and a mapping of technology practices to objectives. A gap analysis is then conducted to identify what is needed to best meet those goals.

Drawing on industry best practices, business insights, technology trends and other information, the US Signal team then can make recommendations for a strategic technology roadmap. The roadmap will include information on how to best optimize existing processes while planning for and introducing new strategies.

The sessions are designed to be interactive. Open, honest discussions and active involvement by the client participants is highly encouraged to achieve the best insights.

At the completion of the session, the US Signal team will prepare a report summarizing the workshop results and the team’s recommendations. The team will also provide options for next steps.

The Details

Other than the two-hour time commitment for the workshop, your in-house IT team only needs to provide some specific information about your organization’s goals and its IT resources and processes. The US Signal team will provide information prior to the workshop specifying what’s needed.

Currently, the assessments are available in three focus areas: data protection, information security, and IT benchmarking.

More extensive IT service portfolio reviews and related services can also be integrated into the sessions or contracted for as follow-up services for a separate fee. The US Signal team is also familiar with most IT equipment and technology vendors and can partner with them in developing customer solutions if requested by the customer.

Schedule an Assessment Now

To learn more about US Signal’s Early Insights Technology Assessments and get yours scheduled, call 866.2. SIGNAL or email [email protected].  Discounts are available for two or more assessment workshops.