US Signal 2018 Year in Review: Meeting Customer Needs

December 20, 2018
US Signal

IT is an industry of contrasts and contradictions. New technologies seemingly emerge every day while others are being modified or shelved. “Fixes” are constantly rolled out to take care of newly discovered issues and threats.

Yet, things can move slowly on the IT front. Lack of C-suite support, budget limitations, resistance to letting go of legacy systems and other issues can prevent IT departments from fully embracing the latest technologies.   

It all creates a challenge for service providers like us. We must deliver—or work with—emerging and/or changing technologies, as well as existing technologies. Often, we must make both work together. At the same time, we need to be responsive to changing customer needs and a market landscape that is constantly in flux.

Looking back at the products and services we’ve launched the past year, and some of our other endeavors, we’ve done a good job of delivering on all fronts.

New Products and Services

Data center outages and increasingly complex and frequent cyber-attacks continue to put companies’ data at risk. US Signal has made data protection one of our primary competencies and areas of focus and added new services to our data protection and IT services offerings.

  • US Signal’s DDoS Protection bolsters customers’ defenses, protecting against DNS-based volumetric and multi-vector attacks. Scalable, cloud-based, and provided as a managed service, DDoS Protection is available for websites and applications hosted on on-premise, collocated, and cloud-hosted servers. The solution includes unmetered DDoS attack mitigation backed by a 100% uptime SLA. It also includes advanced analytics reporting on data utilization.
  • Snapshot Backup is part of US Signal’s Enterprise Backup-as-a- Service (EBaaS). Complementing the existing agent-based backup solution focused on application-specific protection, Snapshot Backup is a hypervisor-based backup option that provides image-level protection without affecting workload performance. Backups are taken within the US Signal cloud infrastructure, removing the processing and data traffic strain from individual customer workloads. The result is a crash-consistent image poised for quick recovery. 

We recognize that many IT staffs struggle, for a variety of reasons, to keep pace with constant technology changes and stay on top of industry best practices. That was one of the drivers behind the launch of another service this year.

  • US Signal’s Technology Assessments were developed to help companies assess where they are in terms of their technologies, where they need or want to go, and how to get there. The assessments are customized to customers’ specific needs and are currently available in the areas of data protection, IT security, and IT benchmarking.
  • The updated Customer Portal delivers a better user experience with a new intuitive, easy-to-use interface that offers visibility into the comprehensive stack of US Signal products and services. Customers can see how they’re utilizing their resources and effectively manage and plan for future capacity and growth. An enhanced dashboard provides quick access to team contacts, cost accounting details, ticket and order summaries, making it easy for customers to get the answers they need as quickly as possible.

Making things easier for our customers is always a priority at US Signal. The enhanced customer portal we launched in early 2018 is a good example.

Expanding Our Knowledge Base

We know it’s essential to stay at the forefront of the IT industry. However, that entails more than keeping up to date with the latest technologies. It requires an in-depth understanding of customers' needs, challenges, and preferences.

We’re successful on that front by talking directly with our customers. Our staff is also always in learning mode, participating in certification programs, seminars, and more. However, this past year we decided to get a broader feel for what customers want by conducting two customer surveys. While the results confirmed much of what we already knew, we also gained some valuable insights. You can read about the results at these links: IT security and IT resiliency.

A New Data Center

To meet the need for increased colocation space resulting from the growing adoption of cloud-first, hybrid, and off-premises data center strategies, we announced that we’re building our newest data center in the greater Detroit area. The facility is slated to open its doors in Q4 2019 and will support the region’s prospering business and technology communities. All our data centers, including l facilities in, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin, and Indiana are at least 200 miles apart and on separate power grids to minimize the effects of natural disasters. Situated in areas with cooler weather for energy efficiency and protected from weather-related events, they are easily accessible from main transportation routes. Get the full details here.


Companies face a dizzying array of compliance issues, many specific to data privacy and security. At US Signal, we help our customers meet many of their own compliance requirements by maintaining a well-governed, high-quality IT infrastructure that meets the demands of a wide range of governing agencies.

To further enhance our compliance standing, US Signal certified under Privacy Shield and became GDPR compliant for the transfer of European Union subject data to better support customers with international business needs.  US Signal also completed the SOC 2 Type 1 attestation, providing third-party assurance to customers that we have the appropriate internal controls and operational procedures in place to protect customer data. 

Rounding out compliance activity for 2018, US Signal self-certified for FBI Criminal Justice Information System Security Policy (CJIS) compliance. This enables us to provide services to law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Year Ahead

Those are just a few highlights of what we’ve done at US Signal the past year to better serve our customers. We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead, and the opportunity to continue delivering the solutions our customers need and the level of service they expect.

If you’d like to learn what US Signal can do for you in the year ahead, call 866.2.SIGNAL or email us at: [email protected]