Multi-Cloud Replication: A Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Game-Changer

June 30, 2020
Data Protection, Disaster Recovery

For any organization that depends on IT availability and resilience, their ultimate data protection goals should be zero downtime and zero data loss. But how many have the infrastructure, resources, people and experience to meet those objectives? And more importantly, how many are even pursuing a strategy designed to eliminate risk?  

The Increased Demand for Flexible DR

There’s no doubt that the strategic issues at play are significant, as research presented by IDC at ZertoCon 2019 revealed. When asked about their key disaster recovery (DR) challenges, 41% of IT professionals cited data transfer and migration as their biggest problem, closely followed by cost/budget (40%) and recovery orchestration (35%). But that tells only part of the story, and a multitude of other issues, ranging from training and workload migration to testing and executive buy-in all adding to the complexity of modern disaster recovery.

As a result, the demand for flexible DR continues to rapidly increase due to its ability to help businesses maintain maximum availability of their critical applications— even in the face of IT outages, advanced cyber threats like ransomware, and natural disasters. But traditional solutions often fall short of the requirements of IT infrastructure driven by the move to cloud services and the pursuit of digital transformation.

What’s needed is a game-changing approach that offers a scalable, flexible and adaptable enabler of effective multi-cloud for organizations of the cloud era.

Multi-Cloud Replication

Multi-cloud replication – where data residing in multiple clouds is continuously protected and available - is ideal for customers who want added protection or benefits across their cloud infrastructure. It’s an approach that offers huge versatility and can be used by organizations with on-premise data center infrastructure as an opex, usage-based DR solution, by those who with a mission-critical RPO of zero, or as part of a broader cloud migration strategy.

Let’s look at that particular challenge a little more closely; with US Signal’s multi-cloud replication solution, organizations migrating from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud for the first time can replicate both existing and new environments to give users vital levels of confidence throughout the migration process. Having a complete copy of production workloads that customers can migrate to while simultaneously replicating that data in another datacenter means customers are protected before, during, and after their migration.

Once a migration is complete, multi-cloud replication can be used to replicate back to the original source environment and to a geo-diverse cloud target to maintain maximum protection. Customers can continue to take advantage of the added protections and use cases for multi-cloud replication, or they can elect to move back to a single target environment. As such, multi-cloud replication serves as an important foundation for organizations on a journey to move completely to the cloud.

Customers can also leverage secondary copies of their production environments in multiple virtual data centers for added protection. This feature enables protection for different failure domains - locally for individual machine restores and remotely for full site protection.

Complete the 3-2-1 Rule with US Signal's Help

This empowers users to follow best practices with a 3-2-1 backup and disaster recovery plan by creating local copies, for faster restores, while still having an off-site copy for added protection. Multi-cloud replication is also great for customers going through digital transformation, as it provides a way to migrate workloads into the US Signal cloud.

All data replication traffic managed by US Signal is protected by SSL encryption. Restorations are supported by our team and we monitor and maintains the replicated cloud target storage appliance.

Multi cloud replication forms part of US Signal’s Zerto-based Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering, which provides customers with protection against common IT issues such as outages and downtime due to human error, malicious threats, bad patches, and natural disasters.

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