NEWS RELEASE: US Signal Launches Endpoint Detection and Response

September 1, 2021
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US Signal Launches Endpoint Detection and Response

Grand Rapids, Michigan – US Signal today announced the addition of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to its continually expanding portfolio of managed security services. The next-generation security service, which is available managed or unmanaged, combines continuous monitoring and real-time assessment with artificial intelligence and other leading-edge technologies to prevent and resolve security issues across laptops, desktops, and servers. 

Available in Two Tiers

EDR is available in two service tiers ─ standard and premium ─ to better meet organizations’ specific IT security needs. Standard EDR is an unmanaged service that includes basic threat detection capabilities powered by AI, machine learning, and other advanced technologies.

The premium tier includes two options: Premium MDR and Premium EDR. Premium MDR features the EDR software and all the features of Standard EDR; advanced capabilities such as device containment and custom detection rules; and the managed service. With the managed service option, customers can leverage the extensive security expertise of US Signal’s Security Operations Center (SOC) team, while freeing up their own internal resources.

The US Signal SOC team provides 24/7 monitoring and receives and responds to all security alerts. The team also handles implementation and provides remediation guidance and advanced technical support. Other features of the managed service option include automated quarantine, policy configuration and compatibility assessment, agent lifecycle management, file and path exclusions, and deployment assistance.

Premium EDR includes all the features of Premium MDR with the exception of the managed service component.

Both the standard and premium tiers include incident forensics reporting, malware rollback, and device control for USB and Bluetooth. US Signal’s EDR solution is compatible with Windows, MAC OS X, and LINUX. Pricing includes a one-time setup fee and a monthly charge per endpoint.

How EDR Works

EDR works by installing software agents on individual endpoints to monitor activity and collect data into a centralized database. Drawing on machine learning and behavioral analysis, the service identifies and automatically addresses suspicious activities ─ including ransomware ─ with both intelligence- and rules-based responses.

Threats are stopped before they can execute. Non-threats can proceed without disrupting operations. Information about both is used to continually enhance the service’s ability to detect and protect against existing and emerging security issues. 

The service also provides protection even if an endpoint is offline to support remote workforces. In addition, it can help ensure endpoint compliance with data security standards. 

“As network perimeters increase, so does the potential for points of weakness,” explains Trevor Bidle, US Signal’s chief information security officer. “At the same time, cyberthieves are becoming smarter and their methods stealthier. Traditional antivirus and other security technologies are no longer sufficient for protecting against cybercrime.

“By incorporating things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral analysis, real-time endpoint assessment, and other tools and technologies, US Signal’s EDR provides a proactive, continually evolving solution for combatting cybercrime and the potential for data loss and corruption,” Bidle adds.  “The managed service option is particularly beneficial for organizations that lack an in-house SOC team. It enables them to benefit both from a leading-edge security solution and the in-depth experience and expertise of US Signal’s security experts.” 

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