Webinar Focuses on Preventing Data Loss and Data Corruption

June 19, 2018
Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Hybrid IT

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Nothing is ever easy. Take disaster recovery (DR). It’s a requirement for any company that expects to—and by necessity must—keep its data accessible and its business operations up and running. In some industries, like financial services, it’s also necessary to meet stringent government regulatory requirements.

However, it’s one thing to implement a plan to make sure data isn’t lost. Making sure that data recovered isn’t corrupt is another. Given the prevalence of ransomware and other types of malware, the threat of data corruption is very real.

There’s also the issue of implementing a DR plan that can accommodate both new and legacy applications and meet the varying recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of difference types of data. Of course, DR and data protection strategies aren’t free.

Add in to the mix things like mergers and acquisitions, new technologies, competing initiatives, process changes, infrastructure and maintenance costs, and more. It’s all a lot to juggle.

Online Webinar

US Signal presents “The Value of Investment: Balancing Data Corruption, Disaster Recovery, and Cost,” an online webinar that provides strategies for balancing what can often seem like conflicting priorities for data loss and data recovery. General Grant, an executive consultant for US Signal, uses a real-world case study to illustrate how to transform IT operating models in order to design and implement a strategy that meets companies’ unique, often complex and contradictory needs—including those for defined, measurable recovery objectives and sub-second RPOs.  

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