Real-World Data Migration: The Morrison Industrial Equipment Story

January 29, 2017
Cloud, Colocation, Data Migration, Manufacturing

It’s one thing to talk about moving to the cloud; it’s another to do it. As one of US Signal’s customers noted, data migration is not a matter of “packing up a truck and moving.”

Over the past month, the US Signal blog has featured numerous posts to help explain the what’s entailed in migrating to the cloud — from assessing a company’s readiness for the move to executing the move. But how does that all translate to the real world?

webinar hosted by US Signal answers that question.

“Ready. Set. Migrate.” features Steve VanderZouwen, the IT manager at Manager at Morrison Industrial Equipment and a US Signal customer, and one of US Signal’s professional services engineers, Jim Schuyler. Along with their respective teams, Steve and Jim went through what both term as “a smooth data migration to the cloud.” The migration was completed with a recovery point objective of 0, came in under budget, and was completed in less time than was provided in the allotted maintenance window — all with no surprises or obstacles.

This wasn’t just a matter of moving Morrison Industries’ 35 virtual servers to a public cloud environment. An IBM P-series server that runs the company’s primary business applications and communicates with all the virtual machines also needed to move seamlessly into US Signal’s multi-tenant environment. Secure connections were also required between the company’s Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters, the US Signal data center powering the cloud environment, and Morrison Industrial Equipment’s 20 locations.

While the details of the project are best covered in the webinar, here are a few of the takeaways regarding what helped ensure the project’s success:

  • Documentation is necessary both for understanding the customer’s environment and for understanding and working through the migration process.
  • Open, two-way communication is essential to keep everyone on the same page and working together.
  • Clear timelines must be established upfront, and collaboration is required to meet them.
  • There are any number of resources available for a migration job. Using the right ones can make all the difference. Ensuring the resources are readily available also is crucial, even if it’s a matter of getting the right people on the phone to help solve a problem.

No two migration projects will ever be the same. However, the Morrison Industrial Equipment project illustrates some of the key components that can help make moving data to a cloud environment easier. Take some time to view the webinar here. If you have questions or would like to learn more, US Signal is here for you.