Summit Offers Actionable IT Security Strategies for IT Executives

February 21, 2017
IT Security

On February 23, the Technology Executives Club®, a leadership community for executives committed to driving corporate growth through technology innovation, hosted the Cyber Security & Risk Management for CIOs and Technology Leaders Summit – 2017 in Chicago. Billed as “not just another CISO event,” the event promises to provide actionable, practical IT security strategies and frameworks for CIOs and senior technology executives.

High Costs and Other Factors Make IT Security Essential

Security is among the leading challenges facing IT professionals, and the stakes are high. According to Business Insider, the average cost of a data breach in the US is $6.53 million. That doesn’t include the so-called “beneath the surface" costs, including insurance premium increases, the impact of operational disruption or destruction, the lost value of customer relationships, devaluation of trade name, loss of intellectual property, and more

Every day it seems that another data breach or cyber attack is making the news, with some of the biggest names in the business world falling prey to hackers, cyber thieves, and insider threats. And, there’s no sign of things easing up. Cyber criminals are employing ever-increasingly sophisticated tools to take advantage of the growing reliance on networks for critical-data exchange.

At the same time, the innovations powering our increasing reliance on information technology are making data protection more difficult — cloud technologies, mobility, and the Internet of Things among them. Traditional prevention strategies no longer get the job done. Multi-layered security strategies are essential to combat threats that can originate from virtually anywhere, target multiple levels of an organization, and persist for months or years until a company becomes aware that its data has been breached.  

US Signal Discusses New IT Security Strategies

Aaron Shaver, vice president and chief technology officer for US Signal Company, presented on these new security strategies at the Technology Executives Club event. In his presentation, Aaron talked about the evolution of IT security and why traditional approaches are no longer effective – including factors such as outdated or missing risk management processes, a lack of incident response plans, and limited or no visibility into internal trends.

Importantly, he described what a “complete” IT security program looks like — one that encompasses the physical, technical and administration components. He also discussed how cloud services providers can help share in the responsibility for IT security cover with customers by covering some of key elements of a comprehensive security approach.

More Cyber Security Insights Available

The Summit also featured several other “must-see” panel discussions, case studies, and presentations to help attendees learn the latest in cyber security, operational technology, disaster recovery strategies, and risk management strategies for the digital enterprise. If you’re a CIO or other senior technology executive, don’t miss another event by Technology Executives Club. Be sure to take mark your calendar for other upcoming Technology Executives Club events, as well as those sponsored by US Signal. You’ll find more information on US Signal-sponsored events here.