Take advantage of your own private, layer 3 network

between geographically diverse locations for a network topology with true any-to-any connectivity. IP packets are assigned labels to determine how they are routed through the US Signal MPLS core. By assigning your traffic its own logical routing context, your network efficiency and security are greatly above standard public routing. 

Features Benefits

Provides private IP transport over US Signal's backbone by separating customer traffic inside of a customer-specific Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instance to switch traffic through the US Signal MPLS/IP backbone

Ease network traffic flow and management  

Supports static routes and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Receive unparalleled security for mission-critical applications

Network operated over an IP infrastructure comprised of SONET-protected and 10Gbps DWDM transport

Rely on guaranteed bandwidth based on proven Cisco routing technology

Comprised of Cisco ASR 9000 routers

Support any to any and hub arrangements via a flexible network architecture 

Fixed, burstable or bonded bandwidth offered

Connect your sites without fixed or permanent virtual circuits

Multiple access options available, including Direct Fiber Access